ING Direct - Payment from my buyer

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Good day!

I received an e-mail regarding the payment from my buyer, Gary Riker to be credited to my {{Redacted}} after I ship the item, Baby G watch. Is this true and legit? Please help. This was my first time having transaction with you. I hope no problem occur.

I hope doing more business with you in the future.

Kindly see details below:


Payment is from Gary Riker to Donabel Valenzuela


Amount - P 10,000.00 philippine peso

Item: Baby G watch

Country- Philippines

You can reach me at +639275229504.

Hoping for your kind attention to this matter.

Thank you.

Respectfully yours,

Donabel B. Valenzuela

Review about: G-Shock Baby G Watch.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

ING Direct - Horrible App

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I Deposited A Check & I Need It Returned Back Or Refunded


Decatur, Texas 0 comments
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2 TIMES---with a third side portion of purposely over-charging the individual stock investor---within three months.

First time---"Buy" (shares) "Limit" (Price).....The "NASDAQ" price showed the stock intraday trade hitting the limit at 5 mins after the order was placed through ING....ING, on the other hand, did not show the "NASDAQ" price hitting the limit on the ING website. Therefore, the limit order to "buy" did not take place. The stock was rising so I canceled the previous order and re-ordered a buy with a higher "limit" to match the then rising "NASDAQ" trade price. Order was placed with ING, "NASDAQ" price was holding with only a slight variance up and down. The limit was on cue maintaining a penny portion below my limit order. On the ING website....the trade was still showing higher than the NYSE/NASDAQ/YAHOO after 5 mins of consistently refreshing the ING website trade price. Thus, this "Limit" buy did not take place.....UNTIL the stock started dropping 2 and 3 cents. Suddenly, it was a purchase....35 minutes after the fact.

TWICE this has happened in 3 months. This tells me that buying at "Limit" will not be fruitful unless the price I set trades lower so that ING can get their "2 cents" in as well. My original lower priced "limits" becomes my loss and their gain....and I pay them 9.95 a trade for this?

And yet a THIRD portion:

If I order a sell (AON)---ALL Or None----(GTC)...Good Until Canceled.....It does NOT mean partial trades with a daily execution fee of 9.95. THAT'S purposeful gouging/(piecemealing) ***!

I'm out of here---

Review about: Brokerage.

ING Direct - Poor appraisal only looks at low property sales, charged $350 for nothing.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 2 comments

Warning ING Direct has scam appraisals. Company charged $350 nothing.

Poor appraisal would not consider recent sales in correct town. Went to other town over 5-10 miles away. Applied for refinancing ing did a pitiful job of appraising my home and then charged me three hundred and fifty dollars.

I sent them comparison in my development that sold in the 2011, the would not review. I had a realtor pull a comparison analysis and the average number was keyed incorrect which caused a bad appraisal.

No one would listen at ing, what a rip off company.

would not put a dime in their bank. Online line rip off



I am an investigator with the law firm of Meyer Wilson, Co. LPA.

We represent individual consumers against ING and recently received approval to proceed as a class action. If you have or had a mortgage loan through ING and had any issues with the rate renew program, and would like to participate in or learn more about the lawsuit, please contact me at 614-384-7030 or


I paid $450 for a ING Rate Renewal and the same thing happened to me!! My realtor did a detailed comp before we decided to get the ING appraisal.The appraisor only looked at sales occurring in 3-months prior, no consideration for neighborhood, construction type, etc.

Their comparison was basically a compilation of recent distressed sales. They did not include a home recently sold in our community 9-months before our appraisal because it was too old for comparison. Finally, there appears to be some communication happening between the lender (ING Direct) and the appraiser they hired based on documentation that a "cost approach methodology" request by "the client" who surely was not my husband and I. Very fishy!!

Why invite us to apply for a rate renewal when it appears so many who pay hundreds of dollars for a non-refundable appraisal do not end up qualifying for the program.

Some investigating of these types of programs is certainly warranted. Anyone have time to start a class-action suit investigation???

ING Direct - Sharebuiler Ing consumer fraud theif

Willingboro, New Jersey 2 comments
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Filed complaint with trade comission

They charged sharebuilder ing with 6 violation

Fraud x 2


Faulty acounting


Made several atemp by phone to find out why i was over charge on almost every sell trade

Six calle six different answers turned out all six were not true

The other thing i did not like that was not criminal was slow , poor trading platform

If you try to enter at When a stock at 2.00 order placed at 2.08

I my case they bought the trade at 2.00 and sold it to me at 2.08 keeping 8 cents a share extra for themself

While it sound small 80000 shares its $ 6,400.00

Review about: Sharebuiler.

Monetary Loss: $45.



I found ING to be a very unethical company. Don't trust or believe what they tell you.


i opened an acount with ing direct about five years ago and the interest rate at that time was 3.65 and now the most i can get is 2.0 the same as regular banks i feel like a sucker

ING Direct - Invested 95,000.00, decided to withdraw my money after less than ayear and was *** 10,000.fee

Covington, Georgia 1 comment

I want to warn everybody that this company is not in the business of being your friend. They are only about making money.

I have learn that I should have listen to the advice given by the older generation.Don't allow anyone to handle your money. This company did not get where they are by being foolish. I have made it my mission to prevent this from happening to other investors.I wrote letters to the front office, they basically told me too bad, you signed the papers without reading them. Also, when I sat down with the agent at Wachovia in Conyers Georgia, she made the withdrawal process appear simple.

Also, each conversation was recorded without informing me. They sent me a disc with my conversations on it.

They (ING)are very slick. I will post my papers on youtube to share with others.

Review about: Investment.

Monetary Loss: $10.



I've been told so many lies by the ING company that I have started asking my congressman to look into their business practices and policies. I think everone should contact their lawmakers and hold them accountable.

ING Direct's hidden 'IRD' cost me $10k

Huntsville, Alabama 1 comment
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ING continuously pitched me to refinance my loan because interest rates were at historical lows. I did so, and didn't see buried in the fine print a clause called the 'Interest Rate Differential'. While most loans charge you a 3 month interest penalty if you sell your house and pay off your loan, ING charges you a penalty if the interest rate changes. In my case, the interest rate dropped by one half of one percent and it cost me $10,000. The savings I got on my monthly payments was negligible compared with the penalty I got.

They also tried to claim that the 'present value' of the interest on the loan was all the interest payments I would have made added up. They refused to bring the interest stream to present value so my penalty ended up being almost twice the present value of the interest I would have paid them.

Review about: Fixed Rate Mortgage.



Wow. Now ING's tricks are starting to look a little clearer. I just got put through the ringer with this outfit. I think ING was once a great firm that is having trouble now and passing it along to its "customers".

I've got several accounts with ING, includiing my mortgage, savings, retirement...applied for a refi/cash out for a little more than half the value of home. On the job 23 yrs., in my home for 18 years, never a late mortgage pmt., house appr. at over twice what I owe, and ING currently services loan, which adjusted downward in Jan., year 6 of a 5/1. My rate would have gone up on the refi, which means ING wouldn't be in a position to kill me on this 'IRD' you speak of.

Is this a correct assesment I'm making in regard to your complaint?


Vacaville, California 3 comments
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I had a savings account with ING Direct. I used the account to pay for my wedding in 2006.

After the wedding I turned off the automatic deposit to the account. There was about $18 left in the account. In April 2009 ING sent me an email saying that I needed to log into my account or it would be closed to due to inactivity. The email went to my spam folder.

The next contact from them was a letter telling me they closed my account and helped themselves to the remaining balance, saying they had to recoup the fees they incurred trying to contact me. I've sent emails, letters and called and the refuse to refund my money. This is way for ING to generate revenue, it's a ripoff. ONE letter does not cost them $18, what if I had $50 in the account?

Don't use ING Direct.

Monetary Loss: $18.



I've been a customer of ING since 2005 and have never had a problem with them at all. This is one of the best banks out there in my opinion.


I had about $45 bucks in the bank after I bought my house and also turned off ING. My mail ended up in the SPAM box and they took $25 dollars from my account.

Actually they stole $25 from my account.

This is Bull ***, they never sent me *** statements and the email they f'n send I never received. The communication was not effective and now I pay $25 I am pissed and determined to get my money back they will not get away with this.


I came here after looking at the litany of complaints against US Bank which I just dropped in favor of ING-direct.

I have had their Electric Orange Savings since 2003.

Have turned automatic deposits off and on over years.

I last deposited money, in 2007 and have not gotten any notices about inactivity and my account is still there today and I used money from that account (US Bank took every thing i had) to open a checking account with them. Something about no set overdraft fees (with electric checking overdrafts are treated as loans up to a set limit and you are charged interest on that loan) appeals to me right now.

ING Direct - C.h. robinson company

Washington, District Of Columbia 0 comments

c. h.

robinson a broker that has been in the trucking industry since 1905 has boldly stated in the april ed of business week that he is showing profit off the backs of hard working truckers and i have to wonder who else is he profiting off shippers and recievers oh and lets not foget consumers meaning everyone else now in this economy i would think that maybe we the people should put a stop to the brokers that are doing this everyday c.h. just had the balls to publish it there are a lot more that are doing this same thing and keeping it under the rug

ING Direct Savings

Orlando, Florida 8 comments

Pleae be very aware of this Business. Deposited money with them.

At first it was a small amount to see how the interest promised would be calculated. That seemed to be good. So we transferred some other cash in, thinking since it is a savings account that we would be able to get to it when we needed it. Well not the case.

I openned the account up and then I added another person on the account in case of emergency. Well even though I have all my sign in info, gave them on line and verbally on the phone. They have refused to send me my money and close the account. They keep saying that the other party will need to verify.

Well we both(at the same time-to verify any info they needed) spent hours on the phone with them this past week. We verified everything from when we established the account and so forth. The Rude sustomer service and the Nasty manager if he was a mangager stated that with allthe info that we gave , we could not be verified. Thank goodness we decided to take out money and not deposit any more in like we almost did.

But this bank's customer service is nasty and not consumer friendly. So now we are writing to the company, a demand letter with documentation. And of course if we need to will hire an attorney but we should not have ot do this just to get our funds out.It really is sad that I will need to get an attorney to get my savings out. Anyway the point of my story I beleive is to only do business with Banks you can actually walk into Or you too could be taken advantage.

I write this to say be very careful of this company - ING Direct - Special note - They also own .



I am an investigator with the law firm of Meyer Wilson, Co. LPA.

We represent individual consumers against ING and recently received approval to proceed as a class action. If you have or had a mortgage loan through ING and had any issues with the rate renew program, and would like to participate in or learn more about the lawsuit, please contact me at 614-384-7030 or


for the record we dont charge you FEEs at ing direct. when you overdraft your account YOU are the one that is costing our company.

So can you really be mad that we closed your account due to you being irresponsible with your money? america


My experience with ING is bad as well. I was just informed by them that I can't open an account with them because I had too many overdrafts when I had an account with them in 2008.

The problem with that is that ING caused overdrafts by holding transfers but only after I agreed to overdraft protection because it kept popping up on the screen and the wording made it seem like it was mandatroy; at first with a huge amount and then when I didn't do it for awhile it lowered the overdraft and so I clicked it and figured that was the end of that. I had the account opend for 5 years prior to that with no problems. So when they kept holding my incoming drafts and causing overdrafts. I got pissed and closed the account.

And I told them so. So after all these years I thought it might be safe to just open a savings and leave it at that but they won't let me. And they were rude about it too. But as I told them, I don't need them.

I have other accounts all in good standing. I just wanted some place to get some better interest but I will just open it somewhere else. Oh and by the way.

I used to use Sharebuilder a lot too but since ING took it over, their price structure is not as good so now I just let that sit idle too. I will find another discount broker and I have decided to just leave online banks alone period.


I agree that ING DIRECT is all ***.

I've worked for the Financial Services industry and ING DIRECT has one of the worst policy I know compared to other online banks.

They change rates when other do, to get customers and then change them back for most products, they will call/email non-stop once you get a account with them and your mailbox is flooded with orange. The idea is they get you to deposit and give you good interst, then you make you get other product and get that interest back and more.

My personal experience with ING was when I got a bank account, they said they would give me a chip card due to some security breach (okay that's scary) and it should arrive in a week. I did not see one for 3 weeks, so I called. They told me that it would take another week and I should be more patient and lots of other customers didn't have the card yet. Okay... I later tried to get a line of credit, app went through real fast and the CS was nice then it took forever for the account to be activated... I called and called but they always give the impression that I am being a bother...

After knowing that they owe the dutch gov money and have leadership issues so they had to sell the US branch. I promptly closed all my account with them. ALLY and COAST Cap are much much better... don't get fooled with the initial cash-back, good rates, chirpy customer service... its all a show and you get screwed later...



haven't ever talked to customer service. Haven't ever needed to.

The account just simply works.

They do say in their FAQ that if you add another to the account that actions must be agreed to by each person.


I recently called the ING customer service line and was greeted by a very friendly and helpful agent. I have learned to trust online and telephone banking as much or even more so than visiting a teller at a branch.

Over the phone and online tends to be much faster and free from BS.

Based on my experience and from what I learned by the website and word of mouth, I would be confident in opening an account with ING for all of my short-term savings goals. Perhaps the previous complainers should look into other banks for their needs but for a person like me the low-maintenance, free savings, no checks and no teller system sounds great.

Also if you plan to complain about something in a public forum, be sure to check your spelling and grammar first, people tend to take you more seriously.

Ray, North Dakota, United States #6764

I Recently opened a ING saving account. They recently acquired my current stock trading company sharebuilders who by they way were great people but anyway i wanted to invest in some ING mutual funds but to do so i had to open an ING savings account. i opened the account transferred 250.00 to the account i had just opened linked the accounts after the 2 small deposits they made to link accounts. then i received an email saying call this number we need more info ok so i called gave s.s.n. address full legal name phone number then after a brief pause she came back wanting to no if i had a mortgage at the address i said no she wanted to know if i had a car loan i said no

the she started asking the same questions but know she is intentionally reading back bogus info about me like what was your address in Arizona i told her i have never lived in arizona she said oh really what kind of vehicle do you have thats none of your business i own 9 different vehicles so what does that have to do with opening the account she said answer the questions i said you have more than enough info about me she then says we're closing your account and you wont be able to open an ING ACCOUNT in the future either. i said i have a share builder account already which i have had for years and as a result of there *** poor customer service at ING i closed the accounts at all ING including thier subcity companies



their customer service sucks

Interlaken, New York, United States #5440

Interesting. Has this ever been resolved?

If so, how?

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